Thursday, 7 June 2018

Genuine Fraud

Image result for genuine fraudGenuine Fraud by e. Lockhart is a psychological thriller following the life of Jule, a self-proclaimed vigilante super hero on the run from unlawful incarceration. The reader first encounters Jule in a five star hotel where she is being tracked down by the police. From here, the story works its way backwards through a crazy story leading back to why Jule is running from the police and how she came to be at the hotel. 

In the first flash back, the apparent suicide of Jule’s good friend Imogen quickly takes an even darker turn as we start to meet the people involved in Jule and Imogen’s lives. What follows is a crazy story of friendship, betrayal, delusions, and murder! 

The writing in this book is incredibly vivid and really sucks you in; however, if you don’t like a jumping time line, reading this book might be a bit of a struggle. Added to this, Jule is not exactly a reliable narrator. As you get further into the book, you start to realize that Jule might not be recounting things as they actually happened. Is Jule a vigilante, working on the side of justice to avenge her friend, is she a misunderstood underdog running from wrongful persecution, is she a criminal genius executing the greatest identity theft of all time, or is she just plain crazy? This book is interesting, creative, and not to be trusted!

Warning: Murder and Gore, Foul Language, and Implied Sexual Assault.

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